Slide We start by listening and conducting a careful analysis to work on the legal solutions that companies ask of us in times of crisis.

Restructuring & Insolvency

  1. The support that companies need from us in times of crisis demands a sound grasp of the situation in order to direct our skills effectively. Whether they are large companies or SMEs, we strive to handle any context through a careful analysis that enables us to identify the best solutions to defend the interests of our clients.
  1. We work closely with companies in preparing and negotiating recovery plans and restructuring agreements with banks and creditors.
  1. We assist our clients in arrangement with creditors, whether they are to be liquidated or will continue operating, and arrangement with creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, including labour law, social security and tax issues. We help with financing necessary to continue business and the purchase of goods, companies and receivables from bankruptcy proceedings, in addition to the judgements brought by organisations involved in the procedure concerning revocation or compensation actions./li>
  1. Upon appointment by the Court, our professionals act as official receivers and court-appointed liquidators, offering legal assistance, as lawyers, in insolvency proceedings.


Albè Martina


Martina Albè is an expert in civil, commercial and bankruptcy law with considerable experience in particular in corporate litigation and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). Martina offers out-of-court consultancy and legal...

Bollini Cristina

Senior Associate

Cristina Bollini assists her clients – private individuals and companies – with civil and commercial disputes, as well as in collective procedures. In this latter sector, she has accrued considerable...

D’Antonio Daniele


Daniele D’Antonio assists Italian and foreign entrepreneurs and enterprises in the insurance, logistics and transport sectors, dealing primarily with contracts and litigation. In civil, commercial and insurance law, he has...

Finocchiaro Luca


Luca Finocchiaro is an expert in civil, commercial, bankruptcy and corporate criminal law. He defends private clients and companies in civil and corporate litigation. In bankruptcy and business crisis situations,...

Frumento Anna


Anna Frumento has consolidated experience in national and international corporate and commercial law. Anna is an expert in extraordinary corporate operations, acquisitions and restructuring operations, reorganisation and the management of...

Micheletti Claudia


Claudia Micheletti’s main skill set covers civil disputes, in particular in respect of civil liability and damage compensation, commercial law and corporate – M&As.

Scavello Marco


Marco Scavello assists businesses in a crisis or which are insolvent, helping them through debt restructuring processes, choosing the most appropriate tool to the case at hand (i.e. composition proceedings,...

Schiesari Edoardo


Edoardo Schiesari mainly operates in litigation, particularly in banking & finance and NPLs – debt collection, with a particular focus on matters relating to bankruptcy law and corporate law. Edoardo...

Zonca Stefano


Stefano Zonca has accrued specific competence in international trade law, international economic laws and competition law to allow him to offer highly qualified support to both the globalisation processes of...